The Affigent/Oracle Newsletter makes its debut!

Announcing, the newest innovation to the Affigent/Oracle partnership: a quarterly communication filled with lots of exciting information and updates around Affigent and Oracle’s excursions in the market place.

Over the years, Affigent and Oracle have strengthened their partnership through teamwork and successful market infiltration. As the partnership continues to grow and flourish, we bring you yet another resource to help drive success. In this quarterly newsletter, the team will be able to find tools for success, teammate spotlights, deal spotlights, partnership news and updates, and much more. The newsletter is designed to promote thought sharing, team synergy, sales tips, and communication between the teams.


If you have exciting information, deals, or would like to nominate a teammate for the spotlight, please feel free to reach out to:
Allie Kelaher
Marketing Specialist, Affigent, LLC

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