As cloud computing drives innovation and mission agility while lowering IT costs, it is a key component to virtually any agency’s optimization strategy.

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Enterprise IT

Next generation data centers. Big Data. Even bigger mobility. Today’s agencies are in the midst of a major transformation at every level of their infrastructure. But where do you start? And how do you divvy up your dollars in an environment where shrinking budgets continually face exploding enterprise-wide demands?

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Today’s threat environment is the most complex threat environment ever – and it is not letting up any time soon.

Together Affigent and its sister companies provide holistic, vigilant cybersecurity solutions that enable agencies to protect their physical and cyber entry and exit points, business systems, networks, processes and people all while creating operational efficiencies and accelerating incident response time.

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Network Operations

Today’s communications and network requirements are bandwidth intensive, global in scope, and demand flexibility to accommodate continually changing environments at home and in-theater.

Affigent and its sister companies support every stage of an agency’s network and communications solution lifecycle—from requirements and design through acquisition, deployment, optimization and refresh.

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Application Development

From citizen-facing services to supporting enterprise-wide productivity, government agencies rely on smart applications to get the job done.

Affigent and its sister companies employ leading application development frameworks to design, integrate, optimize and deliver applications more efficiently and at a lower cost than traditional development methods.

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