Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies delivers a one-stop-shop for storage, data protection and a secure pathway to cloud. Discover how Dell Technologies and Affigent can modernize your organizations IT needs.

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  • Storage – Dell Technologies offers a variety of storage solutions that provide flexibility to fit any environment, situation and/or requirement.
    • All-Flash & Hybrid Storage
    • NAS & Object Storage
    • Software-Defined Storage
    • Data Protection
    • Converged Infrastructure
  • Servers- Combining business architecture, intelligent design and integrated security in a suite of servers, Dell Technologies has a comprehensive offering of servers that can be used in smallest program offices to the data centers powering your agency. Whether you’re looking for rack, tower, industrial grade or ready nodes you’ll find what you’re looking for with Dell Technologies.
    • Rack Servers
    • Modular Infastructure
    • Tower Servers
    • Industrial-Grade Servers
    • Ready Nodes
    • Systems Management Software
  • Networking – Dell Technologies delivers federally focused networking solutions that can compete against any competition. Ensuring open networking solutions, software defined architectures and the ability to converge physical infrastructure, Dell Technologies has the answer to your layer 2 needs.
    • Ethernet Switches
    • Wireless Networking
    • Access Platforms
    • System Software
  • Converged Infrastructure – Whether your agency is looking for hyper-converged, legacy converged, or cloud systems, Dell Technologies has a solution to help modernize and consolidate your infrastructure.
    • Cloud Systems
    • VxBlock
    • VxRack FLEX
    • VxRack SDDC
    • VxRail
    • XC Series
  • Data Protection – Cybersecurity starts and ends with protecting your data. Whether your consumption model is virtualized, hybrid or on-premise Dell Technologies has a solution that will protect your data.
    • Data Backup and Protection Storage
    • Data Backup and Protection Software
    • Integrated Data Protection for Appliances
    • Future-Proof Storage Program
  • End User Products – You can count on the same superior products, support and innovation that you have experienced over the last 20 years with all of Dell Technologies’ laptops, workstations, 2-1 laptops and more.
    • Laptops
    • Workstations
    • Monitors
    • Thin Clients
    • 2-in-1 Laptops
    • Chromebooks
    • Desktop PCs