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Next generation data centers. Big Data. Even bigger mobility. Today’s agencies are in the midst of a major transformation at every level of their infrastructure. But where do you start? And how do you divvy up your dollars in an environment where shrinking budgets continually face exploding enterprise-wide demands?

Customers come to Affigent because they believe the way we work helps take the complexity out of their transformation effort. We don’t rip and replace. We don’t see the traditional silos of facility, network and systems. We see your agency and all of its IT assets organically as an integrated whole, including their connections and all their upstream and downstream dependencies. This is why we deliver solutions that greatly accelerate time-to-value.

It’s also why you can trust Affigent to be the one solution provider with a vision broad enough to help transform your enterprise IT environment into the seamless, adaptive, on-demand service center citizens and employees can depend on well into the future

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