Today’s threat environment is the most complex threat environment ever – and it is not letting up any time soon.

Together Affigent and its sister companies provide holistic, vigilant cybersecurity solutions that enable agencies to protect their physical and cyber entry and exit points, business systems, networks, processes and people all while creating operational efficiencies and accelerating incident response time.

Our approach consists of three proactive, risk-based service components: Secure Discovery, Secure Engineer and Secure Remediation. Utilized by our customers as either standalone services or a turnkey security solution, Affigent offers agencies the strength and flexibility to meet today’s most complex and demanding physical and cyber challenges within your most stringent budget constraints and global delivery demands.

Secure Discovery

A comprehensive, business-oriented assessment of all physical and cyber security threats, vulnerabilities, risks and business impacts for an agency’s asset base of people, intellectual property, fixed and wireless networks, and facilities. This includes penetration testing and simulation, and complete security policy, process, procedure, practice and regulatory review, test and refresh. It also includes identification of all duplicate staffing functions and savings gained from their elimination.

Secure Engineer

A technology-oriented suite of solutions for both cyber and physical security that incorporates the required systems, applications, components and controls that protect all your assets. This includes system security engineering, architecture and deployment.

Secure Remediation

A comprehensive set of security remediation solutions in the event that your physical or cyber security ecosystem has been breached. Here we identify the cause and scope of the breach, remediate any problems, capture and preserve forensic information, harden the enterprise against future attacks and provide complete continuity of operations (COOP) and Disaster Recovery support services.

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